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Digitalization is the biggest growth driver of the future.
The ISPO Digital Readiness Check shows you the digital maturity of your company in real time.
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Digital readiness is more than a catchphrase for us as Messe München: in future, responsible brand manufacturers and traders must know the adjustments to be made in the company in order to be successful in times of continuing digitization and interconnection.

Our innovation project „ISPO DIGITIZE“ will accompany you in the coming years on this exciting journey into the future of the sports industry. Through specific offers geared to you, we will assist you with our ISPO Retail Lab, the ISPO Academy and various technical touchpoints as well as further exciting innovations and formats throughout the year and we will support you in your own digital transformation.

It is necessary to develop realizable but differentiated approaches to a solution. Together with Professor Fischer and Professor Schöler from the University of Applied Management, we offer you an approach that supports you in your management. This reduction to essential observation points of digital transformation helps to establish a management logic with which the current elementary issues can indeed be regarded as interlinked—but, at the same time, simple, effective solutions can be found for operative implementation.

The Digital Readiness Check serves as both structural framework and management system in order to grasp the essential organization areas of digitization for manufacturers and the trade. It forms the basis for a company’s individual adaptation and thus becomes the “backbone” of a systemic innovation process in the sports industry culminating in a coherent management concept which is jointly supported by the management team. In itself, this process of innovation means change. Staff and managers are called upon to accept new tasks if necessary and to put aside or alter existing patterns of thinking.

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Digital Readiness Check

The ISPO Digital Readiness Check was developed in cooperation with: Hochschule für angewandtes Management

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