What type of sporting activity have you been mainly partaking in whilst wearing your Qilta garments?

Did you find Qilta socks and calf sleeves helped your post sporting activity recovery?

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What ailments Qilta gave you the most benefit from?

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Would you consider buying Qilta as part of your sports recovery routine?

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In April ’19, Qilta launches its entire Qilta system.

This full Qilta system allows the user to recharge their own Qilta socks and sleeves in the comfort of their own home or in their sports club or on the move near an event. The user will be able to choose from a range of 3 Qilta socks and sleeves in 3 sizes. We will likely start with 1 formula but will quickly move to more options as we expand. The system adheres to best environmentally friendly protocols.

This includes:

  • 2 sets of Qilta socks and sleeves (Choice of colours and sizes)
  • 1 Qilta Applicator -> table topped, mains powered, mess free, very fast. (H 250 mm x W 80mm)
  • 5 Full weeks of formula, a full coating of “Preparation” and “Recovery” socks and sleeves

What would you be willing to pay for the full Qilta system?

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Qilta refills
What would you be willing to pay for a coating of your “ Preparation” and “Recovery” socks and sleeves on a weekly basis / 1 complete coating?

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Would you like to see more formula options? If yes: What would you like to see other formulas help with (ailments, conditions, etc.)?

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